1win Azerbaijan Terms and Conditions

Express acceptance and nature of the contract

These Terms and Conditions form the gaming contract governing the contractual relationship between 1win and the users of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”). These Terms and Conditions have the nature of an adhesion contract which shall be deemed formalized and shall come into force upon express acceptance by the user at the time of the application for the creation of the gaming account and the opening of the user registration, or in case of modification when the new version of the Terms and Conditions is expressly accepted.

The Operator might make changes to the Terms and Conditions. In this case, 1win will duly inform the user of any modification by publishing the new version on the Website, identifying the article or articles that have been changed. In this regard, users may access the new Terms and Conditions when connecting to the Website or the game client for the first time after the modifications have been published, so that the user can read and understand the scope of the modifications made and, if necessary, expressly accept them before they become applicable. 

The Operator shall maintain and make available to each User a copy of the initially accepted Terms and Conditions, as well as all accepted modifications, which can be accessed on individual request to Customer Services.

How the user account works

  • Allowed use of the gaming account

The gaming account is for the exclusive and personal use of the player and may not be used by third parties or for professional, commercial or business purposes.

  • Denomination of Transactions

All transactions on the gaming account must be denominated in euros.

  • Interest

Any money deposited by the user on the gaming account and any prizes won that have not been returned shall not accrue interest in favour of the user.

  • Prohibition of negative balance

The gaming account may have no debit balance. Participation in gaming services and withdrawals will be refused if there are insufficient funds available on the gaming account.

  • Ban on transfers between users

Under no circumstances may balance transfers be made between different users or game accounts. Money transfers between users, commonly known as “chip-dumping” are also strictly forbidden and are considered fraudulent activities.

  • Flows between the game account and the withdrawal accounts

Deposits to your gaming account must be made by you. Amounts available on your Player Account may be transferred to the bank account or withdrawal account that you have previously registered through the Website. These transfers will be made if requested by the User through the Website.

Under no circumstances may transfers of the amounts available in the User’s account be made to withdrawal accounts not registered by the User on the Website or belonging to third parties.

  • Integrity of usernames and avatars

The Operator reserves the right to prohibit the use of user names or avatars which it considers inappropriate, in particular those which are political, racist, pornographic, insulting, violent, or which advocate drugs, weapons or terrorism. 1win may unilaterally modify any username that does not comply with the above rules or require the user to modify it. The user’s refusal to make the modification entitles 1win to suspend or cancel the user’s registration.

  • Forums and chats

The User undertakes not to use discriminatory, offensive, racist, violent, rude, illegal language or language that violates the rights of others in his communications through the forums and/or chats provided by 1win.

In general, it is forbidden to use the site for users’ private commercial purposes (commercial messages or unwanted advertising).

The Operator reserves the right to exclude from the forums and chats any user who violates the first two paragraphs of this paragraph. Such exclusion may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of the user’s account.

  • Password requirements

The minimum length of the password must be eight characters or digits and must include elements from at least three of the following groups: numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters and other symbols. In addition, it cannot contain any of the following information: first name, first or last name of the user, or date of birth of the user.

Any connection to your personal data is assumed to come from you. You must ensure that you log off at the end of each game session and take all necessary precautions to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data. Any voluntary disclosure of your identification data to third parties will result in the closure of your Account and the termination of the gaming contract.

The Operator shall not be held liable in the event of use of the site by third parties who use its identification data.

The User shall immediately inform the Operator of any unauthorised use of his confidential data. In this case, the gaming account will be immediately deactivated and an investigation will be launched by Customer Service.

  • Suspension due to inactivity, closing and re-opening of the game account

The User may unilaterally and at his own request temporarily close his account on the Website, after which the User’s registration will be suspended and the User will lose all benefits and promotional rights he may have accumulated.

If the User so wishes, he may request Customer Service to reopen the account within seven (7) days after the closure. The Operator reserves the right to set a different time limit if it suspects pathological behaviour on the part of the User, as well as in the event that the User abuses his right to close and reopen the account. Failure to reopen the account for a period of seventy-two (72) months will result in the definitive closure of the gaming account and the cancellation of the User’s registration.

The Game Account, together with the User registration, will be suspended after twenty-four (24) months of continuous inactivity of the User. The User may reactivate the account by contacting Customer Service at the following email address.

Vouchers and promotions

  • General promotion scheme

The promotional activities offered by the Operator (bonuses, free tickets, free bets and special offers) are subject to the particular conditions detailed on the page of the website dedicated to each promotion.

Without prejudice to the particular conditions applicable in each case, the promotions will be governed by the following general rules:

Only new users who have not previously benefited from a similar promotion will be eligible to receive the benefits of a promotional action.

Each gaming account can only receive the benefits linked to a promotional action once.

Any other gaming account created from the same device (computer, tablet or mobile) or address, or with the same payment details, will not be eligible for the benefits linked to the promotion.

In the event of any contradiction between the specific rules applicable to each promotion and the general rules set out in these Terms and Conditions, the specific rules shall apply.

  • Consequences of not complying with the terms and conditions or abusing a promotion

Failure to comply with any of the general or specific conditions will result in the loss of any rights or winnings obtained through a promotional action.

Furthermore, the creation of multiple gaming accounts with the aim of receiving the benefits of a promotion several times is an abuse and a fraudulent action which, if applicable, will entitle Winamax to freeze any winnings as well as to terminate the contractual relationship and cancel the registrations of users involved.

Prohibitions and the fight against fraud

  • Surveillance and prevention

1win, which reserves the right to apply other measures, has several means to detect, prevent and sanction this type of activity:

  1. A human monitoring service that deals with complaints from users who consider themselves victims of fraudulent activities committed by other users. To do this, it carries out all kinds of checks, analyses and investigations, randomly or on request, of hand histories, games played and bets on all sporting events (all data is systematically and fully retained).
  2. A computer alert system that makes it possible to detect cheating or fraudulent behaviour on the basis of numerous criteria.
  • Prohibited conduct

1win is committed to maintaining the integrity of the game and to fighting fraudulent activities, and may issue warnings and temporarily or indefinitely suspend access to the game account if a user:

  • Violates the Terms and Conditions, including any of the game rules offered by 1win available on the site;
  • Tries to keep more than one user record active simultaneously;
  • Makes your game account available to third parties;
  • Uses a stolen or falsified bank card, or borrowed, stolen or falsified identity documents;
  • Commits any form of fraud, collusion, cheating or unlawful behaviour;
  • Connects to the website using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Is involved in money transfers between different users commonly known as “chip-dumping”.
  • Measures that may be applied by the Operator
  1. If appropriate and depending on the gravity of the facts, 1win may notify the competent authorities about the suspicious conduct referred to in the previous paragraph. After a reasonable period of time without having obtained a solution on its part, or if it already has sufficient evidence to consider that the User has engaged in the prohibited conduct, the Operator shall be entitled to impose one or more of the following measures:
  1. Temporarily or indefinitely prevent access to the gambling account. Temporarily or indefinitely freeze fraudulently obtained winnings, as well as the deposited amounts that enabled the generation of such winnings. Cancel the user’s registration and terminate the gaming contract.
  1. User registrations cancelled by the Operator due to a breach of these Terms and Conditions will forfeit all rights to any bonuses earned or any other promotional offers granted to them.

Fight against money laundering

  • Preventive measures

The Operator implements various measures to combat money laundering:

  • Manual verification of user identity and validity of documents provided.
  • Prohibit users from transferring money between themselves.
  • The prohibition of all forms of collusion and collusion, in particular the method by which one user voluntarily loses money to another user, commonly known as “chip-dumping”.
  • Precautionary measures

In the event of suspicion of money laundering, the Operator shall suspend the registrations of the users in question for the time required to carry out the necessary investigations and, where appropriate, notify the competent authorities.

Only if no fraudulent behaviour is found at the end of these checks will the amounts on the blocked accounts be returned to the users concerned.

  • Other measures that can be implemented by the Operator

If a reasonable period of time has elapsed after you have reported the suspected money laundering to the relevant authorities and no solution has been obtained from them, or if the Operator has sufficient evidence to be able to consider it proven that you have engaged in any money laundering practice, the Operator shall be entitled to impose one or more of the following measures:

  • Temporarily or indefinitely preventing access to the game account.

Temporarily or indefinitely freezing fraudulently obtained gains, as well as the deposited amounts that enabled the generation of such gains. Cancel the user registration and terminate the gaming contract.

Personal details

  • Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data provided by the User will be stored and processed by 1win, as data controller, for the purpose of fulfilling this game contract and in accordance with its Privacy Policy, which the User is recommended to read periodically.

  • User rights

In accordance with applicable data protection regulations, the user shall have the right to access, rectify, delete, object, limit and, where appropriate, transfer data by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address.

  • Privacy policy

Users can find additional information about the processing of their personal data in the Privacy Policy available on the Website.

Limitations of liability

  • Infringements by third parties

The Operator shall not be held legally liable in the event of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by users; in particular, but not exclusively, in the event of fraudulent behaviour, money laundering or use of defamatory, degrading or racist language by any user on the Website.

  • Disconnections

The Operator shall not be liable for any amounts that may be lost during incidents of disconnection from the Website caused by malfunction of the user’s computer equipment or Internet connection.

  • Regulatory changes

The Operator also reserves the right to modify its offer of games, promotional activities and loyalty programme in accordance with changes in legislation.